Here's what our patients have to say...

The Pure Life team is proud of standing firm in our mission to give people the health they need for the life they want. As you can determine from these testimonials, our approach is different than traditional healthcare. We do not treat disease. We investigate the symptoms and assist the body in returning to health, naturally, without drugs or surgery.

I’ve got my body back!

“In five sessions I’ve got my body back! Chronic pain that has inhibited me intermittently for years no longer drives my body. I am back full force to dance and sports without having to nurse my pain afterward!” (12/23/2010)

Agnus came in confined to assisted walking devices and is now freely walking

“I have been living with chemo-induced neuropathy since the summer of 2004 and have used everything from a walker to a single point cane. I was still using my cane when I discovered you in July 2005. You were very honest with me, telling me at my first visit that you had dealt with neuropathy patients before with great success but not chemo-induced neuropathy. You said you would try your best to help me drive again and walk without my cane. In addition to traditional chiropractic care, you also gave me laser treatments that I believe helped reduce my leg pain. My balance has improved 100%. The feeling in my feet is improving. And your recommendation of adding anti-oxidants – pomegranate juice, alpha-lipoic acid and CoQ10 – to my nutrition regimen has also helped. In October 2005, I purchased a new vehicle and within two weeks was driving confidently enough to take myself to appointments and the store. I only use my cane these days when I am on uneven terrain or walking for long periods of time. And I am continuing to make improvements. I can never thank you enough for the care and attention you gave me.”

Robert was unable to feel his hands and feet for over a decade and has now regained significant sensation

“In November 1997, I experienced a stroke that affected my speech and motor skills and also left me with a tremor in both hands. I went through extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation that restored my speech and motor skills but was unable to stop the hand tremors. Neither acupuncture nor massage therapy relieved my hand tremors either. In July 2006, I went to Dr. Borbon for some back problems and he noticed my hand tremors. Based on my initial stroke symptoms, he had an idea of the location in my brain where the stroke took place and introduced me to his laser treatment. After one laser treatment to that specific area of my brain, I noticed a remarkable improvement. After several more treatments, I was able to drink coffee with a single hand for the first time in almost nine years. Dr. Borbon has made a remarkable difference in my life.”

Zach was epileptic and now no longer has seizures

“Our 17-year-old son injured his head during a spring football drill. Having ‘stroke-like’ symptoms, he was taken to the emergency room. The doctors did multiple tests to find the problem (CT scan, EEG, EKG, MRIs, MRAs) to no avail. The advice from three separate neurologists was for him to take medications (given to people with seizures and migraines) for the rest of his life. After asking around, we heard about Dr. Borbon and took our son to see if he could help. After three visits, our son was much better. The headaches were gone and he had no other symptoms. He has continued to improve and is now OFF ALL MEDICATIONS! We are grateful to Dr. Borbon for his help and direction.”

Emily lived dependent on medications for much of her lifetime and now lives without medication

“In just one short month, I had tremendous improvements – without needing any medications!”

Jennifer was depressed and now she is happy

“I used to cry for no reason at all. Thanks to Dr. Borbón, I no longer do so!”

Lance was deprived of his life’s passion and now he pursues it freely

“In just 10 days, we were able to correct an improper curvature in my lower back – and the X-rays proved it! It took some work to get there, but because of Dr. Borbón, I can now play golf pain-free again. I absolutely recommend you.”

Peggy had crippling wrist pain and now she can hold grandchildren

“I suffered with carpal tunnel syndrome for several years before retiring. My hands kept falling asleep at night and pain would shoot up my arm and toward the elbow. I would have to sleep with my arm elevated to get relief. My fingers would act like they were being pricked with needles. I suffered with this condition for almost four years. Upon retiring I chose to have surgery. However, that was a disaster in itself. I had extreme pain for several days, then I had some relief for about six weeks, and then the pain started all over again – only this time the pain was much worse than before the surgery. In February 2005, I had another surgery and the result was better, but still hurt when I used my hands for any period of time – I couldn’t even attempt yard work. Upon meeting Dr. Borbón and receiving only a couple of cold laser therapy treatments, I noticed a HUGE improvement – I didn’t even have to wear my brace for several weeks. The laser therapy even seemed to improve the appearance of the scar created from previous surgeries! Thank you, Dr. Borbón, for introducing me to this wonderful treatment – I do believe it is a miracle and have told many of my friends about the invaluable improvement this form of treatment has made in my life.”

Victoria was in pain and now she has none

“I have suffered with chronic lower back pain for over 40 years that has affected most aspects of my life. I have seen surgeons, physical therapists, and other chiropractors. The chiropractic adjustments and exercises Dr. Borbon recommended have finally given me some relief from the years of pain. Dr. Borbon is very caring, personable, and takes his time with his patients. He’s confident and strong in his adjustments and I always feel better – even spiritually – after seeing him.”

Colton was chronically ill and now he is continually well

“My son started Kindergarten a few years ago and was ill all the time. In first grade, the trend continued as he was always ill with strep throat, allergies, bronchitis, colds and so on. He started seeing Dr. Borbón in second grade (2005) and has only had two fevers since and needed no antibiotics!!! In addition, recently he had a strange marble-sized knot on the top of his right hand due to a dirt bike crash a few months ago. Another doctor wanted to surgically remove it. Dr. Borbón took one look, knew what it was and fixed it. Within four weeks the knot was completely gone.”

Nancy was forced to give up her hobbies and now is reclaiming her life

“I had swelling and scar tissue in my right knee. I couldn’t get down on bended knee without excruciating pain – and I enjoy gardening, so this was a problem. After a few weeks, Dr. Borbón had my knee bending like it should and I can now place it on the ground with full pressure and no pain.”

Haven had severe skin issues and now continues to make major improvements

“Our daughter is two years old and has a severe rash, eczema, food allergies, and is sensitive to almost everything. She also gets sick every time her siblings do. She began to see Dr. Borbón along with a D.O. and is showing major improvements. Her skin looks better than it ever has. She does not itch herself to sleep at night anymore. She has only been ill one time since.”

Louis had tremors and now has none

“When I experienced a tremor in my right arm, I consulted my general practitioner, who told me all he could do was to give me drugs to calm the movement and suggested a glass of wine each night as well. At my request, he gave me a neurologist referral; but when I called, their treatment consisted of drugs and/or surgery, and so I decided not to pursue that direction. I tried to do some research on the internet, but could not find any real help or understanding. When I found your advertisement and noticed that you work with tremors, I decided to follow up. You explained to me that the source of the tremors was coming from my left brain activity, and as a treatment plan, you have moved me toward a healthier lifestyle and a course of chiropractic adjustments. I follow your nutritional plan, physical exercises, visual exercises, and the use of CoQ10 at your recommendation. Since our initial treatment plan discussion, you have also added the use of laser therapy. When I stray from your treatment plan, I can definitely feel the difference. I appreciate your explanations, your innovative approaches and your caring and cheerful attitude. You have been an inspiration to me and have helped me to feel more in control of my future. God bless you in your practice and thank you for all you have done for me over the past year. I know you will help many people along the path to health.”

Heather had painful female-related issues and now is free of pain

“In March 2005 at age 32, I began having multiple female-related problems, including yeast infections, bacterial infections, an ovarian cyst that landed me in the hospital, and constant aching pain in my lower right abdomen. I was even taking prescription pain relievers for the severe shooting pain during my ‘crazy’ menstrual cycles. After numerous visits to both my family doctor and OB/GYN, I still had no relief nor any answers. In July 2005, I was referred to Dr. Borbón. Never having been to any kind of chiropractor before, I was hesitant; but after my first visit, I was a believer! Dr. Borbón spent over an hour talking with me and examining me. I began regular adjustments and also followed Dr. Borbón’s at-home instructions. I saw minor improvements in two-weeks time – and major improvements in two months! In January 2006, I found myself with absolutely NO pain – ALL of my recurrent infections and pain are gone, and my ‘crazy’ cycles are normal. YEAH!! I have so much faith in Dr. Borbón, my whole family sees him regularly for health and maintenance.”